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the best memory improvement techniques

"Light years ahead"

"This course is a real breakthrough in the field of memory techniques, it's really light years ahead.

I can say that with all my heart because I tried EVERYTHING in the market, including the famous books by Harry Lorraine and Dominic O' Brian, so I know what I am talking about. They are mere toys in comparison."

Marco, Italy, 24



"Levels of memory recall far beyond my wildest expectations"

"I tried one other memory system many years ago when I was doing my final years of high school. It was very basic but it did help me through my exams. However, your course in memory has taken me to new levels of memory recall far beyond my wildest expectations. I only wish I had your system back then. It's fantastic.

I am currently studying a course which requires pages of mathematical formulas and a great amount of technical and analytical information to digest. By using your system I have not the slightest difficulty in recalling every detail accurately.

The skills I have learned by studying this system are OUTSTANDING and I would highly recommend your training to everyone who wants to improve their memory to a point ' BEYOND THEIR WILDEST DREAMS'.

Thank you so much for developing this amazing approach to super learning."

Peter Harvey, 45, Australia



"This is by far the best system for memory improvement on the planet."

"This is by far the best system for memory improvement on the planet.

I have read every book on Memory, including Jerry Lucas, Tony Buzan, and Domonic O’Brian.

All of these other courses are insignificant compared to your Course. Cambridge Here I come! "

Bryan Perdue, USA, KY, 26



"I don't think there is anything like it on the market today."

"It's rare that I write a testimonial, but I feel this one is absolutely necessary.

I have never, and I mean never, seen anything as thorough, well thought-out, and potentially life- altering as this self-study program.

I don't think there is anything like it on the market today.

If you really think about how a phenomenal memory could impact your social of financial success, it would have to rank in the top three positions."

Larry, Financial Advisor, US, 53



"You can pretty much memorize anything you want confidently"

"You can pretty much memorize anything you want confidently. Isn't that what we are all looking for here? Until now, ALL the claims I read on the website are REAL! There is no hype as usual on this kind of things, everything that is said is true.

How can this knowledge be used in real life? In everything you want! Books, articles, reports, there is no limits to what you can memorize.

These were the best money I ever spent in my life! I bought so much BS before that never showed half of the utility this skill has! I can honestly say this will be something I will use until the rest of my life."

Bruno, 24, Psychology Student, Portugal



"I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this"

"I hate to be yet another person who's beating a dead horse here; but I'll say it anyway. This workshop is definitely worth every single cent it's being charged for.

To anyone who is skeptical, please don't be. This course really is worth putting in the time and effort to get real results that you can put to practical use starting immediately.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this to anyone and everyone who has at least some desire to want to better themselves. I promise that you absolutely will not be let down in any way, shape, or form. If there's anyone who knows this to be true now and not before, it's certainly me!"

Roger P. Bellis, 24, MA, USA, IMAX Operator



"This course is the future to academic success."

"I can honestly say this course is an absolute breakthrough in memory training.

This course really can help you become a professional in what ever field of study you choose. I strongly believe that this course is the future to academic success. "

Benn Boshell, 18, UK



"Everything I expected and more."

"All I can say is, this class is everything I expected and more.

I was a little skeptical when I signed up, but I have been blown away by the extensive amount of information I've learn so far. I'm completely amazed.

For the last few years, I've been trying to memorize different medical information, drug names, side effects, etc. There never seemed to be any way to learn so much random information other than weeks of continuous repetition.

This course has changed my life. I can memorize so much more, and I'm actually able to apply the information at work. I'm planning on starting graduate school in the fall, and now I'm much more confident in my ability to succeed.

I recommend this class to anybody and everybody who wants to improve their memory."

Amanda K, 24, RN, LA, USA

What is the best way to improve my memory?

Let's start with some ways that are NOT going to give you significant improvements in your memory. Your warning bell should ring the second someone promises to noticeably improve your memory by:


If anybody claims to significantly improve your memory using ANY of the methods listed just below, you are being lied to.

  • Buying their expensive nutritional supplements
  • Just by listening to some memory improvement CD
  • Watching a memory improvement DVD
  • Reading a book about memory improvement
  • Any hypnosis memory improvement product
  • A binatural beats memory improvement music CD
  • Anything that is "guaranteed to make your brain into a information magnet" in 5 hours or similar timeframe.

Some of these might teach you some party tricks, remember a shopping list or remember a deck of cards after countless hours of practice. That can be impressive but holds nowhere near the power or potential to really change your life.

To understand why claims like these are not truthful, let's look at some common memory improvement myths...


Some common myths about memory improvement.

Memorization is a practical skill. The goal is not to just know how to do it, but to be able to use it automatically and effortlessly. It will be like when you first discovered how to ride a bike... And like when you first learned how to read and write...

memory is a practical skillOr when you get into a sport, like soccer. If you learn it once, then you'll have it for the rest of your life.

There's really a big difference between "knowing how to do it" and "actually being able to do it." If you read a book about "How to become a great soccer player" Even if you read all of it and understand everything completely that doesn't mean that you will automatically become a good soccer player afterwards.

The only way to go is practical training and personal coaching. This matches most people's experience.


Let's be honest here...

It has been proven without a doubt that there are ways to improve your memory, and people have been spending money on memory improvement products and services for decades. Unfortunately not many of them has seen any real results..

A memory game on your computer will probably improve your memory as much as a playstation soccer game will improve your athleticism.

If some kind of supplement existed that would really improve your memory, don't you think every student would be taking it around exam times?

Or what about giving people their drivers licence after only reading a book or listening to a hypnosis cd? Naturally, we all know that the only way to master a skill like memory is a hands on approach, you simply need to just go for it and get some practical experience.


Mike's journey, and how it ended

Just see for yourself what Mike, a writer from the UK who tried it all, has to say about the subject of memory improvement:


QMike, 47, Writer, UK

"I’ve tried them all"

After an epic journey of almost thirty years I believe I’ve finally found my Golden Fleece, my Holy Grail, my Phenomenal Memory.

Along the way I’ve tried them all (well nearly); from Dr. Bruno Fursts’ Course in Memory and Concentration way back in 1979 to Buzan, Lorraine, O’Brien et al.

There was a brief fling with Learning Strategies and their Paraliminal CD’s. Then came Vera F. Birkenbihl with her Memorization Optimizer quickly followed by somebody else’s “memory secrets” and some geezer in Holland telling me that if I wanted to remember anything I had to learn it verbatim - thanks for that fellah!

I’ve tried Memletics, self-hypnosis, hypnosis MP3’s, Binaural Beats, flashing lights, subliminal messages on my PC… and so it goes, on and on ad nauseam. One by one each course failed me, yet according to them I failed the courses because I lacked commitment.

All I know is, thanks to you, I’ve had more success with my memory in the past three months than over the past thirty years with all the “memory experts” mentioned above put together.

And that’s what makes the difference between your course and anything else on the market today. It really does what it says on the tin.

B lucky, Mike

Tom's story

Tom was already very knowledgeable about traditional memory improvement techniques when he found the memory60 course. This is what he has to say...

QTom C, 43, Database Applications Developer, UK

tom"I have read over 50 books on memory from many authors"

This is THE definitive memory improvement course.

I can highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop their memory. The course should be taught in all schools throughout the world!

Nowhere else you will see a more detailed demonstration of how to memorize a whole book and if there is I have never seen it. I have over 50 books on memory and NONE of them tell you how to memorize a book. This is something you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

This course makes studying pathetically easy. If every student learnt this, then the colleges and universities would have to make exams considerably harder because every student would be obtaining near 100% every time. If you are a student and you use the text memorization, then you will be able to recall your text books and notes so precisely that your lecturers will think you were somehow cheating!

I use the system to learn Mandarin Chinese. Chinese is arguably the most difficult language for western people to learn so I can’t think of a better test of the system. I am now learning around 50 Chinese phrases/words every day, which is something that would be impossible without the system, so it really does work.

I have not seen anything on the internet or in a book that beats this course in terms of content or value for money. The cost of the course may seem a lot of money to some people but when you consider there are some memory courses that charge in excess of £1000 for a day, then you really know you are getting great value for your money.

Don’t bother looking at other courses as this is the best memory improvement course money can buy.



What makes the Memory60 program unique?

  • Memory60 is a professional tool, not a collection of party tricks. You will be in a virtual class environment, and you'll receive full support from top memory coaches whenever you need it. You will not be left to figure it out on your own.
  • We have a very strong guarantee. If you at any point feel that the course is not for you, we will refund your money. There are no time limits. We also guarantee that the course will improve your memory at least 60 times.
  • Openness and fairness. It's the only company who allows you to talk directly to all of the existing customers in an open discussion forum. Because we have nothing to hide.
  • Memory60 has more happy customers and testimonials than any other memory improvement course. Improving your memory is not about learning a trick... It's about getting a new skill that will open endless possibilities for you and give you the time to focus on what is most important to you.
  • It's the worlds first and only memory program with a complete theoretical base.
  • You get to join a thriving community, with thousands of people who shares an interest in improving their memory
  • It's a complete step-by-step program with practical exercises. No fluff or boring history lessons.

All you need to do is to realize that these methods to improve your memory exist and how simple and effective they can be - and also that we can all master them at our own pace mostly just by allowing our mind sets to change.

You can read more about the full course here:

Click Here To Continue...


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